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Feed Palm Coast Initiative Going Strong

Mayor Milissa Holland¬† “Feed Palm Coast Initiative” has raised over $60,000 as of today with their current goal of $75,000. Partnered with Parkview Church, this program has been extremely successful and still growing strong. Image from Palm Coast City Government and Parkview Church will make sure that families in need, will have food on […]

Honorable Mentions

As everyone knows, the world’s currently being tested by a very serious pandemic and thus, a lot of people are affected by it. Fortunately, during this time, it has also become really obvious how deeply people generally care for each other and how far some people are willing to go to contribute to society in […]

Communities helping each other

This COVID-19 Pandemic has been very challenging for everyone around the world. Here in Flagler County is no different. I’ve been fortunate enough to still have a job in the health industry and it’s been tough trying to isolate myself as much as possible so I can keep caring for those that can’t care for […]